First Post! New Vibes!

2017 is here and its time to start if off right. I have been putting off for the longest, creating a webpage where I can express myself in life. I always figured I would never have time to do this so I dismissed the idea of even making an attempt. Then, one day, while watching ESPN (part of my daily ritual), it dawned on me… I waste so much time watching T.V., flipping through channels, looking at the same old shows. This time could be devoted to doing something productive. This blog will consist of things I really enjoy, such as traveling, sharing some fashion styles (No, I’m not an expert but I can dress), and various life moments. Needless to say, I am looking forward to it! Now I know a blog can be cliche since it seems like everyone is doing one these days, but rest assured this is the real me and you will get nothing more or less than. Cheers to 2017 and lets see how the year goes.


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