Coming soon to “STYLE.”

How one styles himself is a show of expression, a way of bolstering confidence, and building self-esteem. Knowing what to wear and when is not easy and can be time consuming based on complexity. It is important to not allow it to get the best of you. Sometimes keeping it simple goes a long way and will allow you to grow evenly with your style ideas; However, the thing to remember is to be realistic and comfortable about how you look.dsc03785

With each outfit you put together, always remember there will always be a better way to style it next time you put it on. I find myself looking at old outfits realizing I could have added a tie or wore a different pair of shoes, etc. This is absolutely normal and thoughts like this will increase your awareness of your own style creativity and potentially save you $$$.


Starting in March, I will do a weekly post of men’s style outfits I have put together. The post will include a cool video uploaded to my Youtube channel where I focus on patterns and textures, as well as the inclusion of a weekly fashion tip. Photos will also be in included. Feel free to share you experiences and subscribe. Until Next time!


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