GO SEE THE WORLD! Travel coming soon in March.

Almost 6 years ago, after completing graduate school and obtaining my Master Degree, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I sat down and had a long talk about life goals. “I want to travel!” She would say with excitement. However, I was slow to adapt the thrill at the thought of getting on a plane and going to some unknown place. I can’t say it was fear that slowed my growth with travel, but more of the uncertainty that came with it. Fast forward to 2017 and now I have several trips under my belt with lots of interesting pictures and unforgettable memories.

Taken during my flight to Vancouver, BC Canada.


Back in 2015 I started making videos of my travels to share with family and friends. The videos are far cry from the typical homemade 90’s handy-cam that involved no editing and lots of shaky shots. Don’t get me wrong, my initial travel videos started out this way and slowly evolved over time.

Biking in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Traveling has become apart of my life now and it brings me just as much excitement as it does my wife. As I continue to make my way around the world I want to be able to share my trips and experiences with everyone. Maybe it will influence you to hop on a jet and fly some place you never imagined you would go.

Running on the beach in Tulum, Quintana-Roo Mexico.

In March, I will begin sharing travel post. Look forward to the sharing of ideas, pictures, and things I’ve learned from the places I visit. Along with the blog post I will share my latest travel video so you can see and hear the sights and sounds. Get ready in March because I have some great trips lined up. Below this post are a few videos of some of my travels. To see more you can visit my YouTube page.


2 thoughts on “GO SEE THE WORLD! Travel coming soon in March.

    1. I chose the month of March to fully commit myself to my blog so I could have time to put my page together and figure out what topics I would be most interested in sharing. I’m new to the blogging community as I wrote in my first post and wanted to make sure I was able to keep up with things. So far I’m making good progress. -M-


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