Gentleman, I present to you a timeless classic called the collarless shirt otherwise known as, the Grandad Collar. This style of button down originated in the 1920’s-1930’s (hence the name), and was surely hanging up in our grandfathers closet back in the day. Albeit, they probably came in more traditional solid colors like white, black, olive green, or blue. For this style session, I wore a mustard yellow grandad collar with black plaid. Watch the video tutorial to see how I kept it simple when styling.


The history regarding the creation of this shirt has been stretched and pulled in several directions and it is unclear what the true inspiration was for creating such a shirt. One story of the many that exist states the shirt originated with blue collared workers who did not wear a suit or tie to work due to a fear of the tie being caught in the heavy machinery they worked around. with no tie, there was ultimately no need for the traditional collar making way for the collarless shirt.

The Grandad Collar fits snugly around the neck similar to a traditional button down collared shirt.

Today, this style of shirt has become practical and fashionable allowing you to have that formal look without feeling stuffy or over dressed. The shirt I wore has white pearl colored buttons that pop down the center of the shirt providing a simple contrast from the patterns and other colors.


I kept it simple when deciding what colors to add to my outfit. I felt that the shirt was more of an old rustic mustard color and the black plaid blended well by adding a hint of secondary color. I chose to wear black jeans with a black leather band watch, and finished it off with black leather boots. I put my own personal touch on the outfit by tucking my pants into my boots, something I have a habit of doing when wearing shoes that go above my ankle.

The timepiece I have is a full leather band watch with a black face and cream numbers. Only an hour hand is used to keep time with an inner ring of numbers used to show the day of the month.

Timepieces are important to me and as I add style post, you will mostly always see me wearing a watch. I don’t just wear them to be fashionable, I am just one of a few good men out there who still use them to tell time. I like to keep it classy!


I added a vest to this shirt just to show that a jacket, vest, or sport coat can be worn over it. Because there is no collar you won’t have the feeling of having several layers of clothing covering your neck like a scarf. The vest I wore has a high collar, but with the relaxed feel of the collarless shirt, there was a sense of comfort with layering.

A shirt created for the workforce decades ago has become a fashionable piece to add to any outfit. The grandad collar shirt also comes in short sleeve which is a nice change up during warmer months. It’s a shirt that will continue to thrive with its unique style and will continue to grow in popularity as businesses make the shift to more casual relaxed work environments.


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